bout TNT

T N T stands for “Targeted Nutritional Therapy” and contains different formulations in the field of herbal and nutritional supplements. We have the technical and professional personnel, state of the art Quality Control Laboratories, standards and procedures to ensure the highest quality products. Our quality control laboratory includes the most technically advanced physical, water, analytical and microbiological testing equipment on the market. In our company, the raw materials, in – process formulas and finished products are being controlled and tested. Because of this, TNT FORMULA offers herbal and nutritional supplements of the highest quality. Our products are accurately formulated, pharmaceutically elegant, clinically safe & efficacious, and attractively packaged. All of the TNT FORMULA products are produced in softgel dosage form.

The benefits of this dosage form include:  
Form a one–piece dosage
Easy to swallow
Better protection of active ingredients
Improved nutrient bioavailability and rapid absorption
Uniformity and precision dosage
Ability to solubilize a wide range of active ingredients
Masks odors and unpleasant taste
Elegant appearance and inspire greater patient confidence
Virtually unlimited shapes, sizes and colors
Tamper–resistant and protection against counterfeit
Imprintability of capsules